Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another New Year

I told myself in November I would blog more.  I posted a couple of entries, and now it's January 10th.  So, Happy New Year!

I am participating in a new six week study with my ladies group at church.  It's part of the 'Unglued' series by Lysa TerKeurst  

This could not have come at a better time.  I have been growing spiritually, at an awkward rate for over a year now.  What I mean by awkward growth, is growth that progresses with the initial steps being out of my comfort zone.  Three major things most recently taken on were the VBS kitchen, a coffee group for moms with a play group and....drum-roll please....becoming a Sunday-school preschool teacher. All things I look forward to, now.  I loved the VBS kitchen experience, and have all ready thrown my hat in for next summer.  I love my mommy/coffee/playgroup.  I love my little un-predictable 3 year olds. 

So, what now? I’ve been going to Wednesday night church.  It means my kids may be tired the next day, and may be rushed through homework and dinner.  We don’t see hubby/dad because he is just waking up when we are eating dinner and leaves before we return.  That’s fine.  We gain much more than we lose.  We gain new lessons about Jesus, scripture and friendship. I’ve been at home with kids for almost 7 years.  Most of that time, I’ve been alienated from community and friends.  I didn’t realize how much I missed sharing joy and burden with others. I had been so wrapped up in me and mine, I forgot that there was an outside world, that I could be part of.  It wasn’t a purposeful decision. I grew out of being lost.  I quit my job to stay at home.  There’s a lot of weirdness between moms that work and don’t work. (another post altogether)
I’ve also been receiving books to review that are fiction, devotional, non-fiction, etc form Baker/Bethany House.  I listen to Family Life Radio more often. I have sermons on podcast.  I did advent devotions and ornaments each day. I didn’t grow up in the church.  I grew up to have faith.  I am now diving in to live in a way that follows Jesus. 

Back to the ‘Unglued’ series.  When I don’t get enough sleep or over schedule myself I become unglued. I am not a patient person by nature and explode at times.  Times I should have taken a breath or a break.  Times I should have hugged my child or relieved tension with a tickle. I decided to blog about my journey, because this morning I screamed while brushing my daughter’s hair.  The morning after committing to make changes, I explode. Here’s to my journey.  At least I’m realizing my fault and trying to better.  Dear Lord, give strength and guidance to our group as we try to be at peace using scripture and your path as example.