Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crazy Lady...

I had a day today where my behavior reminded me of an episode of Roseanne. In the episode everyone was scared of her psycho PMS moods. I was crazed, but instead of running for cover, my family chose to aggravate me more. I think they want to see how far my mood will take me between yelling, crying or laughing. I don't know who or what I am. I just know it will be normal soon!

Good Morning!

Yesterday was Day 1 of no diet soda/pop. I am addicted to the taste and the caffeine. I used crystal light with caffeine. I spent way to much on groceries. I live in a town that has a nice little grocery, but have to drive about 45mins to get to a store with selection, so I think I bought everything in the meat and produce isles. I'm lucky my hubby loves me and is a nice guy!

Today I started with a healthy breakfast of fat-free yogurt and granola and got 1 child to join me. The others wanted a drink of milk, and are to busy playing. They ate all of the grapes I bought last night.

Friday, June 18, 2010


This is the inaugural entry for my first blog!

I am a married, stay at home mother of three, junior in college who has to find something productive for myself. As I don't see or talk to people on a daily basis (while my hubby and kids are human, they are not "outside people") I will talk to my blog or through it.

I am a multitasking control freak, with the quirk of not being able to follow through if a task starts showing signs of imperfection. I find I am good at nearly everything, but not the best. I am a Christian, without a congregational family, raised by a Christian of the same. My relatives are from primarily Catholic and Jewish backgrounds. I have a odd sense of humor will be very sarcastic.

I plant to de-clutter my home and my life and have put aside a year to do it. This includes an overhaul of health, wealth and everything involved. Some goals are:

  • Stocking the freezer with ready-made quick foods to avoid junkie eating
  • Stocking the fridge with healthy options
  • Using natural ingredients that resemble where they came from; cuts of meat, grains etc.
  • The purging of useless clutter physically and mentally
  • Get the family outside more
  • Lose weight-I am type II diabetic
  • Plant my own garden
  • Canning, freezing and storing my own jams, veggies, meats, fruits, applesauce etc
I'm sure the list will get longer. I need motivation, so putting it in writing, accessible to others will hopefully help my on my way.