Saturday, January 23, 2016

Coloring in the Lines of Life

Lately I’ve noticed the world is in love with coloring.. I am, it’s relaxing. More relaxing that starting with a blank piece of paper.  I can’t help but think of a coloring page and compare it to life. Rules and guidelines, like lines, are not there to inhibit you being you. Regulations are the grown up equivalent to lines in a coloring book. One can color, embellish, and alter to completeness, but be prepared for a disaster if the alterations turn out to be a hot mess. Also, be prepared for success.
While success seems simply an enjoyable state, those that have experienced it know what it’s made of. Planning, time, hard work, failure, restarts, and detours. Just as many don't put on blindfolds while creating a masterpiece, you should not blindfold or sugar coat the path between idea and success. Blindfolding can include looking for the easy way, ignoring what is right and hoping for success instead of working for it. You put on your blindfold and choose to leave it there. You skip the planning and hard work part. So, don’t blame others in your excuses for failure.
Rules and lines are also meant as safety mechanisms to guide your journey, creating boundaries that separate disaster and success.  Don’t be so strong headed and overexcited for a quick fix, that you fail in your unstructured creation. Study the success of others, use examples and structure as a check list. Color the way you want, but starting with a blank sheet of paper is for the bold and hard working. It is also for those that believe in themselves.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Trust: My 2016 Word

Tried digital Bible journaling today with my word for the year, which is trust. 2016 is a busy year of goals and plans: two semesters left of nursing school, graduate with a BSN, study and take the NCLEX to be licensed as a RN and hopefully find a job that serves Christ and community. Wow, keep me in your prayers! What do you have planned this year?