Monday, January 2, 2012

Same old...

Below is literally a cut and paste of last year's resolutions. I swear I made progress, but not completion on them. So, I want to keep the same goals. At least I am consistent.

I don't try to do crazy New Year's Resolutions. I do try to learn new things and new ways. Here's my list.

  1. Do better at doing daily devotionals with the littles.
  2. Simplify. Use less, talk less, organize, donate crap I don't need. No clutter by 2012?
  3. Be Intentional. (I saw this on many blogs...) It makes sense, if you add it to your every action.
  4. Quit throwing chip and/or cheese on things just because my hubby does and it tastes good.
  5. Spend more time outside. I tend to stay in too much, I like comfort, and lets face it I hate allergy issues, mud on my shoes, wind, bugs and the patch of ice that always gets me.
  6. Do my homework in a more timely manner. It's hard to read college text. I love to read, even dry informative things, just not assigned reading.
  7. Training of others; my dear family and myself. Ha! They will learn not to be intimidated by the washing of stoneware, cast-iron or other such things that cannot soak or go in the dishwasher, hand washing is not scary (unless your hands crack the minute they enter the sink). Close the bathroom door. Get garments to the proper place; laundry, hook, drawer, not floor. If it doesn't look like your bedroom, it's not a public space; remove your clutter (me too).
  8. Share my savings, coupons and more in my blog!
  9. Actually make my own yogurt and sourdough bread starter. Convince my husband that things that look like gross science experiments in jars have friendly bugs that help us digest and fight bigger bugs.