Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Review: A Perfect Word for Every Occasion

I am doing a book review of A Perfect Word for Every Occasion  by Liz Duckworth; this was sent to me by Bethany House Publishing Group specifically as a review copy.

My first reaction was, wow! After a brief perusal of the contents, a flip through the book and the summary on the back, I became more excited about using this as a reference tool The summary says it offers "examples and guidelines for things to say, lines to write and scripture verses to share" and "you'll even discover what not to say".   This book delivers as promised.

The table of contents divides the book into situations you may encounter, but wonder what words to use, such as; grieving, gratitude, weddings, birthdays, sick and suffering and more!  As I went further into my reading I was very amused by the what not to do sections on etiquette.

I would recommend this book for anyone.  It would also make a good gift item, to keep on hand. I plan to keep my copy with my dictionary and reference books and use it to be more eloquent in the future.