Monday, February 24, 2014

Great Study on Ephesians

This is a book review on The Full Armor of God by Larry Richards.

This book is enjoyable, however it is serious. I found myself taking a lot of time to read it, because it reads like an interesting text book. I wanted to know and study the information slowly, as to remember it.  I think arming yourself against the enemy’s schemes is important for all of us.  This book covers the book of Ephesians, breaking it down and explaining the different aspects (armor) so we can be prepared for spiritual battle. It examines how the enemy attacks us through modern media, lies and circumstance to drive a wedge between us and God’s love and grace.   I love books like this, that cover books/sections of the Bible.  I can see myself reading this again for reference and sharing it with others.

This is a review copy from Bethany House Publishing Group.  I chose this book from a list as an item of interest.  I was not compensated and opinions are my own.