Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Life’s Vision Statement

This is the last week of reading Limitless Life by Derwin L. Gray, which is part of an online Bible Study (OBS) through Proverbs 31 Ministries.   #LimitlessLife

Part of our growing this week, involved applying what we've been learning to our life.  Chapter 9 was titled From Worker to Worshiper. The main teaching is realizing God made us to worship as an identity, not an activity. We need to make our life around God, putting our identity of worshiper in all we do, including the workplace, and our future plans. 

We were challenged to answer questions about our Life's Vision and to create a Life's Vision Statement in 140 characters or less.

The five questions were:
1: How do you want to be seen in ten years? 
2: What do you want to be known for in ten years?
3: What do you want your family to be like?
4: What makes your heart sing?
5: Who in your life will tell you the truth about yourself?
  (Limitless Life, p.181-182)

On my journey through 10 years of future, I realized most of my answers were around being a servant.  I firmly believe that my calling is to serve others. It's ironic to me, because I would not have chose that for myself. But, I've learned that initial thought of "you want me to do what?" shouldn't stop you, when you are called.  Just do it. Do what God wants you to, life is so much more blessed when you do.  We all have talents that can benefit our church community. You don't have to say yes to everything, but you can get out of your comfort zone and say yes to God. He knows what you were created for, and knows what you need to do.

My life's vision statement is as follows:
To be a servant of God, sharing the love of Jesus, living with grace, dignity, and respect; shining His light in all I do. 

Another part of the book that chapter that stuck out this week was a prayer that Pastor Derwin says helps you be better at bringing worship to your work (p 188).  I've copied it to a note card, and ran out of space. Normally, this would irk my perfectionist heart. When I re-read the prayer, I noticed the part that carried over to the back said "give me the words to share Your gospel of grace clearly". Hmm, that seemed sufficient all by itself, so I left the card as is.  That's a sum of what I want God to do in me, to give me the words to communicate the gospel of grace. I also feel that's what He wants for me to have come out of my mouth.

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