Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am not alone! Okay, I knew I wasn't but, I stumbled across the move "Motherhood", and thought about shutting it off when it became apparent that it was a day in the life of a stressed out mom. Who needs to watch this, I live it. It examines impossible party planning, cleaning, running errands, never enough money or time. She encounters street sweepers, long lines, wrong orders, judgmental people, and works up a sweat. And of course, an oblivious husband, who shuts off his phone (shutting her off) and takes walks when she really needs a hand. Watching her made me stressed for her, and pissed at husbands for her. Alas, as husbands often do...he is great to her in the end, selling a favorite rare book, to pay for daycare and a dishwasher, tadah! Of course she will continue to pick up his dirty socks.

To throw another crutch into it, she is losing herself. All she wants is a little time to write an article, in hopes of winning much needed money and a spot in the adult world as a columnist. Enter hubby again, he slashes her work with red pen edits. Time, for a mom, LOL! Time for mom=LOL. Time for a mom equals more work later if you achieve it.

Nobody can possibly realize what a mother goes through, except another mother. Thank you ladies for all your time, effort, love and sacrifice.