Friday, February 8, 2013

Growing in Faith

I’ve been growing in my ‘Unglued’ study, by Lysa TerKeurst.  . Being involved in this group has involved me in scripture and wrapped me in God’s glory and grace.  I feel like I smile more, can face more and care more. I am walking a closer path.  Some key things or words that inspire me from this series are:

·         Honor God with my words and actions
·         Before acting or reacting, remember I am God’s child and should not feed the enemy
·         Decision making should be Good not Easy
·         Strive to be calm at the beginning of strife, invite Jesus and his ways into the situation
·         Turning around to praise God in all situations

One of the biggest things, for me was being so relaxed I didn’t have crazy woman days (PMS).  Days flew past without me knowing it, and all of a sudden I was shaking my head.  I had allowed skills to calm me to the point where I wasn’t a shrew for those days I think I suck as a human, wow.  TMI? Sorry, had to share, because those days are the worst. I feel so mean, and sad.  I feel like I have no filter and no self control.  I yell, cry and blurt out the least tactful words I ever utter.  Why am I sharing? I’m sharing because we all have those days or moments, when we know we’re not going to behave ideally.  

The growth I’ve experience had me going online for more resources. I like the Proverbs 31 site. I stumbled upon an online bible study group trough it.  It made me think of my mommy friends who are at home with babies and tots and can’t venture out to these groups, without disrupting family life and having to seek a sitter.  I shared the link with them, and my ladies group discussion leader.