Friday, August 2, 2013

School Shopping: When You Have to Buy New

I love to shop, but hate to see my bank balance go down.  I find I tackle shopping trying to get the most for the least, and I take this challenge to a competitive level.  I start out with a strategy to find all I can during 'garage sale season'; which in Michigan is primarily May-September. Then towards the half point of summer, I start retail shopping.  When I buy new I follow the following steps:
  • Know Goodwill prices; make it a goal to get new around the same price.
  • Sign up for mailing lists, coupons can come snail mail, email or text.
  • If you can control yourself, a store card sometimes yields and extra 5-25% off.
  • Shop clearance
  • Coupon Stack; some stores let you use more than one code.
  • Free shipping should always be a goal, unless the gas costs more that shipping to drive there.
  • Rebates for places you shop are great.  I use Ebates regularly. Every time I click a store link and shop, I get a cash % back in the form of a quarterly check. Shopping stores I shop anyway. 
The results of my strategies yield name brand/mall brand clothing for my family at used prices, and at better quality than if I just went to cheap stores that also sell groceries.

Any questions? Suggestions? Feel free to comment.  Happy shopping.